Ashley (evenstarsfade3) wrote in miss_beaut,

Some Advice/Tips please =)=)=)

I think that someone set my scale back a pound or two, or somehow it got messed up, either a pound or to lighter then what it should have been, I fixed it... I have to check it every time now... I want to get a digital scale. Are digital scales always right???? Anyway so yesterday I weighed myself and it said 111 and I was happy... but I fixed the scale and this morning I weighed 112. I really want to get to 98 fast. Are LAXATIVES really bad for you, and which one is the best one to get at Target??? Haha this sounds so crazy but I want to lose 10 pounds by Sat…that will never happen I am sure; I at least want to lose 5 by Sat…any tips...

I hope everyone is staying strong!!!=)
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