Ashley (evenstarsfade3) wrote in miss_beaut,

Some Advice/Tips please =)=)=)

I think that someone set my scale back a pound or two, or somehow it got messed up, either a pound or to lighter then what it should have been, I fixed it... I have to check it every time now... I want to get a digital scale. Are digital scales always right???? Anyway so yesterday I weighed myself and it said 111 and I was happy... but I fixed the scale and this morning I weighed 112. I really want to get to 98 fast. Are LAXATIVES really bad for you, and which one is the best one to get at Target??? Haha this sounds so crazy but I want to lose 10 pounds by Sat…that will never happen I am sure; I at least want to lose 5 by Sat…any tips...

I hope everyone is staying strong!!!=)
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Never take laxative... there are totally bad for you... Once you take it your body won't know how to get rid of its waste without taking it... it just fucks up your digestive system...
thats what everyones been saying ..thanks=)