Ashley (evenstarsfade3) wrote in miss_beaut,

I'm just so depressed, yeah with my weight but with everything else too. I don't just want to be 98 pounds, I NEED to be, The Last time I was ever really happy and enjoyed life was when I was 98 pounds. I looked good, I felt good and I was always happy. I know it take's time but I don't know how much longer I can wait, everything is just so stressful. Work: I am a leasing Consultant and its just my manager and me, I am supposed to take care of everyone coming in, all the residents problems and take applications and get the done, well I have 30 applications and no time in the day to work on them because everyone and there mom keeps coming in to get info or apply, he wont hire help and expects me to get it all done. HOME:Lets see, everyone else seems to be living a great live but me, there caught up with everything and can eat whatever they want because they don't care, sometimes I wish I didn't care but that will never happen. BILLS: I'm on ly able to make the minimum payments on my 4 credit cards and have to money left over for my self because of car payments, insurance, and phone. I FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT .. I need to lose 14-16 pounds and I just don't seem to be losing but just staying in the same weight range 110-114... I want to get at 98 or just die.. Depression kill me please ...OH YA!! and tomorrow is my 21st birthday and have NO PLANS !!!! Sounds like the best Birthday ever right ???
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